Erin is one of our clinical assistants here at Smiles! We love her for her bubbly personality and one-of-a-kind laugh!

What’s a fun fact not many people know about you?

• My favorite TV show is the Gilmore Girls, and my daughter is named after a character.

Have you ever had braces? If yes, when?

• I was 10 years old in our office! Then again in my early 20’s (wear your retainers!)

If you could have any celebrity patient at Smiles, who would it be?

• I’d love to have Michael Phelps!

What is your favorite part about working at Smiles?

• My favorite part about working at Smiles is taking patients’ braces off and showing them their brand new smile!

What is your favorite food?

• Anything Asian – teriyaki, dumplings, Thai, noodles. I don’t discriminate!

What is your favorite hobby?

• Growing my garden and cooking

What is your favorite holiday and why?

• Halloween because I love Fall, the decorations and think kids dressed up in Halloween costumes are adorable!

Where is your dream travel destination?

• South Africa

Do you have any pets? If yes, what kind(s) and name(s)?

• We have a 5 year old boxer named Buddy that we rescued when he was 2