Orthodontic Assistant

Are you a fun, unique, hard-working, friendly person who loves to help others gain self confidence through an amazing smile? Do you love to give your 100 percent every day while also placing the team first? Do you view interruptions as opportunities rather than frustrations? Do you love to laugh your way through your work day? Are you excited to help our practice grow while also learning new skills daily? If so, keep reading.. Smiles Orthodontics is looking for a clinical assistant to join our team!


  • Enough experience in Orthodontics that you feel comfortable knowing you would be a good candidate for us
  • Willing to work within and contribute to a team atmosphere, we are not looking for Lone Rangers here
  • Ability to find each patient’s uniqueness and build off of it
  • Someone with a playful spirit, while also keeping it professional
  • Good singing voice, willing to belt out your best karaoke version of “My Heart Will Go On” while taking your best intra-oral photos
  • Someone who likes learning the why behind patient treatment, so when you are speaking you have the confidence of Elle Woods applying to Harvard “like it’s hard?”
  • Here at Smiles we work smarter not harder, because we play harder than anyone you know
  • If you’ve made it this far, I guess I’ll let you know what appointment skills we will be needing: ability to perform direct bonding, debonding, patient records (scanning, photos and digital x-rays), placement of functional appliances and all other aspects of assisting chairside
  • Ultimately, we are looking for the right fit for our team, not a specific skill set. So if you fit these bullet points, gather your best singing voice and apply!

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