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  • Maki V. Avatar

    We feel so welcomed every time we visit. Dr. Larson treated my husband (insvisalign) and my four children, and we are very pleased with the process and the end result. He always takes time to engage with us... read more

    Maki V. 4 months ago
  • Lisa N. Avatar

    We’ve have had the best experience over the past two years going to Smiles Orthodontics. From day one we knew the financial end of it, which was set up so easily.

    Appointments are on time, and we were always aware... read more

    Lisa N. 3 months ago
  • Harold W. Avatar

    Ok after 59 years I finally have a Perfect Smile! Thank you to all the wonderful technicians who helped make it possible. Dr Larson and his great staff achieved the picture perfect results below.

    Harold W. 1 month ago
  • Leslie S. Avatar

    So happy with end of treatment results for my 10yr old! Dr. Larson is very personable and answered all my questions I had from beginning to end. The staff from scheduling to placing and removing brackets were awesome.... read more

    Leslie S. 1 month ago
  • Alicia H. Avatar

    This office was so warm and welcoming. Staff looked clean cut and very professional. My daughter is getting braces and couldn’t stop taking about Angie that works in the office and how nice she was! The Doctor was very personable... read more

    Alicia H. 1 month ago
  • Teezy T. Avatar

    Getting braces your senior year of high school felt less like a blessing and more like a curse, however, all of the staff at Smiles Orthodontics made me feel so welcomed, loved, and cared for, that the 2 years truly... read more

    Teezy T. 1 month ago

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