Throwback Thursday!

We are so excited to share our Smile’s Throwback Thursday blog series! This week we’ve got some great throwbacks to kick it off!


Ever wonder what Dr. Larson looked like with hair?!

Throwback Thursday Dr. Larson

Here he is with his wife, Dolly, in all his hair glory!


Our Scheduling Coordinator, Brenda, was born loving healthy smiles.

Throwback Thursday Brenda

Toothpaste in hand – before she could even walk!



Our Treatment Coordinator, Sara, was all smiles even when she was missing a few teeth.

Throwback Thursday

And we LOVE her penguin sweatshirt!


Stay tuned for our next post – we’ve got loads of fun throwbacks coming your way!

Smiles Spotlight: Meet Erin!

Smile Spotlight Smiles Orthodontics Puyallup and Graham

Erin is one of our clinical assistants here at Smiles! We love her for her bubbly personality and one-of-a-kind laugh!


  • What’s a fun fact not many people know about you?

My favorite TV show is the Gilmore Girls, and my daughter is named after a character

  • Have you ever had braces? If yes, when?

I was 10 years old in our office! Then again in my early 20’s (wear your retainers!)


  • If you could have any celebrity patient at Smiles, who would it be?

I’d love to have Michael Phelps!


  • What is your favorite part about working at Smiles?

My favorite part about working at Smiles is taking patients’ braces off and showing them their brand new smile!


  • What is your favorite food?

Anything Asian – teriyaki, dumplings, Thai, noodles. I don’t discriminate!


  • What is your favorite hobby?

Growing my garden and cooking

  • What is your favorite holiday and why?

Halloween because I love Fall, the decorations and think kids dressed up in Halloween costumes are adorable!


  • Where is your dream travel destination?

South Africa


  • Do you have any pets? If yes, what kind(s) and name(s)?

We have a 5 year old boxer named Buddy that we rescued when he was 2


Erin’s boxer, Buddy