Do you love your smile? Do you have a friend that you want to share a smile with? If so, then we have the perfect program from you! Here at Smiles Orthodontics, we love our patients and their smiles so much that we have created an easy way for you to share a smile with your friends!

How does this referral program work? Check it out:

1. First, get a Refer A Friend card (or two) from the Smiles Orthodontics office.
2. Write your name in the blank space on the back.
3. Then five it to a friend that you want to refer to our office.
4. When they come in for their first appointment, make sure they bring the referral card with your name on it.
5. You will receive EITHER a $75 account credit OR 3750 of reward points when they start orthodontic treatment.

If you have any questions regarding this process or need to schedule your next appointment with Smiles Orthodontics, please contact us.