cost of braces

Counting the Cost of Braces

Worried about the cost of braces? In this economy, we understand that most families are living with less. Some struggle just to make ends meet. It isn’t easy for any of us. Now, more than ever, people are really thinking about how we invest our hard-earned dollars.

Patients are asking questions and taking the time to truly understand the cost of braces and value of orthodontic service. One of the questions we hear most frequently sounds something like this:

“I just don’t understand why orthodontic care costs so much. Don’t you just put on braces and wait for the teeth to move into the right place?”

As with many professional services, it’s often hard for most people to “see” the processes going on behind the scenes.

Orthodontic Treatment Plan

The first, most critical stage of orthodontic treatment is the treatment plan. Before treatment begins, Dr. Larson closely examines a patient’s photos and x-rays. He studies the positions of the visible and not-yet-visible teeth. He also examines the structure of the patient’s face and jaw and the potential for growth. Then, he creates a customized treatment plan with the age and health of the patient in mind to create the desired outcome in mind.

No question about it, designing the best treatment plan is both art and science. Even with all the facts, much of that plan depends on Dr. Ethan’s many years of experience and training.

Treatment Begins

Once a patient begins treatment, we execute each step under the doctor’s close supervision. About every eight weeks, Dr. Larson evaluates the body’s response to the treatment and adjusts his plan as needed.

Are the teeth moving? Are they moving fast enough or too fast? Is the process comfortable enough for this patient? How can we adapt to unexpected changes as they occur? Often, our staff modifies the appliances or wires attached to the braces to get the desired effect.

Cost of Braces Breakdown

Part of the orthodontic treatment cost covers these important office visits and adjustments. While others may not notice slight changes, each appointment is critical in the smile’s development. Gum health, bone response, jaw and facial growth are vital factors!

It’s no question that those beautiful smiles are an investment of time, commitment, talent, and finances for everyone involved. At Smiles Orthodontics, we can work with you to finance orthodontic treatment. It isn’t easy, but we think the stunning results and glorious smiles are entirely worth it.