• Enough experience in Orthodontics that you feel comfortable knowing you would be a good candidate for us
  • Willing to work within and contribute to a team atmosphere, we are not looking for Lone Rangers here
  • Ability to find each patient’s uniqueness and build off of it
  • Someone with a playful spirit, while also keeping it professional
  • Good singing voice, willing to belt out your best karaoke version of “My Heart Will Go On” while taking your best intra-oral photos
  • Someone who likes learning the why behind patient treatment, so when you are speaking you have the confidence of Elle Woods applying to Harvard “like it’s hard?”
  • Here at Smiles we work smarter not harder, because we play harder than anyone you know
  • If you’ve made it this far, I guess I’ll let you know what appointment skills we will be needing: ability to perform direct bonding, debonding, patient records (scanning, photos and digital x-rays), placement of functional appliances and all other aspects of assisting chairside
  • Ultimately, we are looking for the right fit for our team, not a specific skill set. So if you fit these bullet points, gather your best singing voice and apply!


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