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iTero Scanner

No More Goopy Impressions

Smiles Orthodontics proudly offers the iTero scanner! At Smiles Orthodontics, we provide the latest in orthodontic technology to give you a straight, beautiful smile—without the mess! While others may use traditional dental impressions, we decided to stop putting goop in your mouth and get better molds of your teeth. Why suffer through the discomfort?

Why iTero?

With iTero Digital Impression System, you can forget the awkward conventional impressions. This system is a 3D intraoral digital scanner that builds a detailed model of your teeth. The iTero technology takes images of your entire tooth structure in a precise, 3D format. During the capture, we will gently rest a wand on the teeth to easily scan the surface of each tooth. It is a pain-free, simple way to get complex information about your smile.  

iTero has proven to offer an improved patient experience during the orthodontics setup process, especially with Invisalign*. This new technology allows you to view simulations of your orthodontic treatment results before you start. After loading the 3D digital impressions into the simulator, we can move and adjust the model of the teeth based on your scheduled treatment. This way, you can get a preview of how your smile will look after treatment. In addition, we can create a more detailed treatment plan up front, which allows us to complete treatment in fewer patient visits than with traditional models. 

For more information on iTero, or if you'd like to schedule an appointment, contact us today! A member of our team is available and happy to answer your questions.

*Based on over 400,000 case studies

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