Have You Been Spotted?! Win a $25 Gift Card and Be Entered to Win FREE Orthodontic Treatment!

Here’s How!

1. Pick Up A Magnet

Pick up a magnet from our office and place it on your vehicle.

2. Get Spotted While Driving

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see if YOU were spotted while driving around town.

3. Get Spotted While Parked

If you are spotted in a parking lot around town, the Smiles Orthodontics team member will leave a “You’ve Been Spotted!” postcard on your windshield.

4. Claim Your Prize

Stop by Smiles Orthodontics and turn in your postcard OR show us the post on social media! You will receive a $25 gift card AND be entered to win FREE orthodontic treatment!

For additional information, give us a call at (253)-848-4537! You could be next to Get Spotted and WIN!

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